Corporate Sponsored Education: Is it for You?

April 10, 2017

Believe it or not there are certain corporations that can send you to graduate school. There are many corporate programs that pay for their employees to get certifications.

Why would corporations do this?

First of all, it is a form of corporate social responsibility. It makes great headlines on the local paper and corporate newsletter. It shows to the larger community that the company cares not just for profit but for their employees as well.

Second, it is a great way to reward employees. It is actually a great calculated risk for the company because not all employees take up their offer. In fact, most people find graduating from college hard enough. A graduate degree for most people would be out of the question. If such a program did exist in the company, you are in luck. Chances are the program is very well funded because only a few people claim it.

Third, it is a company’s expense that could lower their taxes. From many different angles, corporate sponsored education is a win-win situation. The employer wins because of the reasons stated above while the employee achieves free education and an advanced training degree.

How cool is that?

You don’t need to go through the usual hoops as you will need to do when applying for a scholarship grant. Most college and graduate school scholarship programs require good grades or excellent test scores. Fortunately, corporate educational programs don’t care for GPA’s and test scores. First of all, very few people apply for this advance training programs. Second, they look at other criteria like your disciplinary record, permanent records and recommendations.

The company that you would be working for will be happy to send you to school. They would benefit if you get additional certification or an advanced degree. How? It would be easier to promote you. A company is always looking to promote people to positions of leadership. Good leaders, good managers and supervisors are very hard to find. While it is common practice to promote from their rank and file, many corporations would still prefer that they get professional and intensive training for a specialized field. You are also giving the company great service by getting additional training.

This is the path that many CEO’s, who work their way from the bottom, took. Working diligently in a lower position can give you a shot of proving yourself which may in turn give you a shot in a higher position. Now that is career advancement.