A Professional Personality Career Advice Guide

May 2, 2017

When it comes to career advice, many pages have been written about improving performance, getting ahead of the competition and even how to dress to impress but few articles from this site: https://essaywanted.com/ seem to focus on the internal. A lot of your career depends on how you appear and external performance but none of that is going to help in the long term unless you are able to realise self-actualisation; the highest point of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The purpose of this article is to provide career advice for adults on how to be true to themselves and their personality while traversing the often tricky climb to the top.

Be a Professional Version of Yourself

We’ve heard this piece of career advice time and time again in London, Miami, wherever but it’s often not fully understood; be yourself. This doesn’t mean if you’re a hugger, you should go around hugging everyone you know but it does mean that you shouldn’t forcefully adopt any behaviour that you find unnatural. What you subscribe to as professional should be what you do but never change your behaviour to get someone’s approval no matter who they may be; this will exhaust you mentally and emotionally before long.

Find Compassion not Competition

Quiz yourself on career advice you’ve received before; most of it deals with the external and the individual, but did you know that by helping others around you improve, you demonstrate a quality hard to find in the competitive business environment; compassion. This will not only see you make potentially good investments in friendship but also prove that you’re capable of leadership.

Manage Your Humour

Every office has a joker type, but we’ve all seen those skits online where career advice goes horribly wrong and anytime is a good time for a bad pun; these people are exhausting and often appear to need attention to survive. Timing is everything with comedy; ask yourself which you’d rather hear – a hundred average jokes or one really good one. This means you should also resist the temptation to share that new cat video you just discovered online unless the timing calls for it.

Listen and Reflect

Finally career advice and guidance is about listening but it seems that everyone is out to say something and be heard; this is important, to be heard, but it’s more important to listen. Reflecting your personality and achieving self-actualisation is enhanced by listening, biding your time and then understanding how your personality can comfortably fit into the scheme of things; for yourself and for others. Career advice rarely asks that you sit back and relax, but that’s all listening is. By listening, timing yourself, showing compassion and being true, self actualisation is not impossible to achieve.